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The path to becoming an instructor is complex and one class does not provide sufficient time for learning, practicing, and being mentored. The path to becoming an instructor includes learning about different teaching strategies, understanding how people learn, and being familiar with various types of teaching media. Additionally, the successful Instructor Potential (IP) with learn how to demonstrate new behaviors, competently execute skills, and function in various roles. The new and improved method for educating, teaching and mentoring new instructors is a process or path, not a single 8-hour course.

Competency Validation/Precourse Testing Attendees with Instructor Potential status are required to revalidate their competency as TNCC Providers just prior to the Live Session of the Instructor Path. This competency validation may be scheduled the same day as the Live Session or up to four weeks before. Study is strongly recommended to attain the required 90% written examination and 90% skill station scores to be eligible to attend the Live Session. TNCC Instructor Path Live Session Objectives At the end of the Live Session, the IP will be able to: 1. Present a lecture section using preassigned slides (microteach). 2. Perform an assigned role as a learner for other IPs in the Lecture Microteach, Group Discussion, and Psychomotor Skill Station exercises. 3. Facilitate a small Group Discussion. 4. Lead a Psychomotor Skill Station teaching exercise. 5. Evaluate the performance of a recorded Psychomotor Skill Station.


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