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BLS for Healthcare Providers Online Part 2 Skills


This is the skills PART 2 only. (SKILLS) The students must have completed part 1 certification and print the certificate of the HCP BLS on line course to complete the course. When done GPS Education will issue an AHA HCP BLS Card.


BLS certification or recertification in three easy steps:
Step 1 Successfully complete the Part 1 cognitive portion of the program including two patient scenarios and multiple choice exam
Step 2 Successfully complete the Part 2 skills test administered by an AHA BLS Instructor or skills portion using a voice-assisted manikin system. (Manikins available with the full system set up)
Step 3 Receive an AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider card

HeartCode BLS Includes:
BLS Lessons, two interactive patient scenarios, one adult and one infant case, and the full text of the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers Manual.

HeartCode BLS offers a convenient, flexible means to provide a fun, challenging way to keep staff current in their AHA BLS certification!

  • Maintain a standardized and high level of professional competency among staff
  • Motivate staff – improve compliance to maintain BLS certification
  • Increase flexibility in your course offerings
  • Provide students instant feedback and evaluation through intelligent debriefing
  • Accomodate different learning styles by using self-paced instruction

Get an objective measure of staff’s competency with sensorized adult and infant manikins that measure CPR skills* A skills test conducted by an AHA BLS Instructor is required to complete certification. Additional fees may apply for an AHA Instructor-administered skills test. Individual license purchases must receive their AHA card from the AHA BLS Instructor who performed the skills test. The Laerdal Medical Training Center will not process AHA cards for individual purchases.



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